Explosion Of Simpler Times


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released November 11, 2015

written, performed, & recorded by Rafael Machuca
(drums on It's Fine by Miguel Lomeli)



all rights reserved


RØGUΞ STΔR Los Angeles, California

Sonic vibes from San Gabriel, CA...

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Track Name: It's Fine
It's Fine, go on and waste your time, if you want to
It's all a state of mind, 'til they find you
Float on into the night and find the right view

The Light, that shines upon your open mind will guide you,
The difference in the day & night will blind you,
Explosions of a simpler time will find you,
It's all right...

Sometimes, you let the things you think you want define you,
When all they really help to do is bind you,
Don't mind all if the time that's passing by you,
It's Fine, It's Fine.
Track Name: Coming Home (the Dirty Blues)
When I get to where I'm going and I don't know where I've been
And look around and wonder, where the hell did I come in
And I'm looking to the corner, and I'm looking to the floor
And I'm looking for an answer to what I already know

Well I'm looking out the window, trying to get myself some air
And I see so many people but not many seem to care
And I'm going through the phases and I'm going through the change,
And I'm going through an ocean, everybody sounds the same

Well you're digging through the sand,
And you're digging through your mind,
Never knowing where you're going,
Never knowing what you'll find

And you're running and you're hiding from the people that you see,
And if you keep on pretending you're forgetting to be free.
Track Name: Melody (On Paper)
All the colors in my room,
Help to levitate my mood,
And the words that I have found,
I only hope to get them down,

On Paper

And the thought that if I could,
If I knew I only would,
Try to rearrange my head,
Simplify what I have said,

On Paper

Melody, I'm gonna find you
Find out what it means to fall through
Ride the wave that you have brought to me

It's not a big deal to capture your sound,
Your biggest fear is to let yourself down,
You try to fly before leaving the ground,
You're finding ways you can visualize sound,

On Paper
Track Name: SLOWER
Ah, it's where I go
But I don't wanna know, for sure.

Lie, awake in bed, Am I afraid to die?
I'm restless while I rest.

And if you're holding on to nothing,
Then of course you're gonna fall
Will you ever feel like I feel?
Just a stranger in another world.

Oh, doesn't change,
It's only in my mind,
The world around me stays the same…
Track Name: FASTER
All my life I've lived inside my head,
I never saw myself, through anybody else.

You're my life and I get lost inside myself,
And I can't even tell,
If I'm doing well.

Ah, I not afraid to die,
But am I scared to live?

And I don't wanna be like you,
And I don't wanna be like me,
Step into the world inside,
See what else there is to be.
Track Name: Run Away
Everywhere I go,
I see the same old thoughts inside my head.

If only I knew how,
I'd leave them all behind and run away,
Run away.

Always thinking something,
I try to hard to think of what to say.
The more I think of something,
It never fails to get right in my way,
Never fails.

And I'll slip away,
If you can tell me where I might be.
And I stay,
If you can hear the things I've got to say.

I'll run away.
Track Name: Disconnect
Don't, don't be afraid,
To disconnect and sail through hollow waters.
Just let it all go, and find you're way back.

Don't, dont' hesitate,
It's all right to break,
All your acquired bottles,
How else would you know, what's flowing inside

So, don't be so sad,
Cuz what's to come will make you see in color,
What once was black, exploding with light...